Links and Hosting 

From time to time, other websites may (or may not as the case may be) wish to link directly to our download files. This is not acceptable, under no circumstances shall an external website link directly to our download files. However, eternal websites may, and will, link to our website as long as they conform to our standards. At this time,I am reluctant to define such standards other than the linking website be family and kid friendly; and are somewhat modeling oriented. For the time being, set your link up and email me about it. If we don't have any real problems, we can leave it at that.

Other designers wishing to have their models hosted on this website should:

  • Read the "Hosting Agreement" posted on the "Terms of Service" page.
  • Be aware that Models n' Moore will only host free downloads.
  • Each designer grants exclusive hosting, at least for the models hosted here.
  • Each hosting designer will have a dedicated page.
  • No charge for the hosting.
  • Email me at BRAbwm[at] and lets discuss it.