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C T Ertz

Almost every modeler of American Civil War ships will recognize C T Ertz. He has become one of the most prolific paper model designers today, and not only of ships. His products cover a wide range of subjects. Besides being an accomplished designer, he is very acessable and is eager to further the hobby and assist newcomers.

C T Ertz is a regular on the PaperModelers Forum and may crop up on any thread or discussion. He has recently forayed into the field of WWI era vehicles. More of his models will be added in the near future.

All models by C T Ertz presented on this page are offered free of charge. Other C T Ertz designs may be purchased at EcardModels.

Download the models of CT ERTZ here!

Norris 1861
Light Ironclad
CSS Palmetto

Picket Boat
1/72 USS Pioneer

CSS Texas

Tift gunboat
USS Marrietta

Sea Going Ironclad
J Porter, CSN

USS Thomas
Freeborn Draft